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About Shepherd’s Dream North

At Shepherd’s Dream North, we have been supplying Canadian customers with wool bedding since July, 2002. In 2001, we moved our family from Saskatchewan, to be closer to our extended family near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thanks to Eliana at Shepherd’s Dream in CA, we had been bitten by the wool bug. With our two older children ready to leave home, our spacious basement was available, creating a good opportunity to operate Shepherd’s Dream North out of our home in Steinbach. We have since moved to a 40 acre piece of land on the Roseau River, about an hour south of Winnipeg.

Because my previous career had been in health promotion, the idea of having a business that promoted healthy sleeping felt like a good fit. We make all the mattresses, toppers, comforters and pillows to the same specifications, and with the same attention to detail and high quality, that Sarah and her crew do in Montague.


Tim’s grandmother (pictured here with her family)

A strong Mennonite tradition, still talked about, but rapidly dying out, is the making of wool quilts or “wolldakj” as they’re called in the low German language. We received our first wolldakj over 25 years ago from Tim’s grandmother.

A newly married couple were often given a wolldakj made by their mother or grandmother’s circle of female friends and family. The process was a time consuming one that involved washing, drying, carding, and piecing the wool batts, then enveloping them in muslin cotton. I have talked to many people who still cherish the wolldakj their mother or grandmother passed down to them. With Shepherd’s Dream, we are carrying on the cultural tradition of making bedding from the best natural wool fibers available.


The folks at Shepherd’s Dream North

JanetJanet Kroeker — Producer, promoter and co-ordinator for Shepherd’s Dream North. My main occupation for many years was to raise and nurture four wonderful human beings. They were my cheerleaders and casual support staff as Shepherd’s Dream became a part of our life.

Besides raising, and at times home schooling, my children, I have done part-time and full time work in health promotion, particularly in the area of nutrition, lifestyle choices and safety.

Janet in the beginning stages of making the 137 tufts that go into a king-size mattress.

Janet in the beginning stages of making the 137 tufts that go into a king-size mattress.

TimTim Kroeker — Tim, previously a teacher and administrator,  is our bookkeeper, promoter, communicator and delivery guy for Shepherd’s Dream.


Thomas Kroeker — As of 2013, our son Thomas has joined us, making mattresses and Snuggle Mates in his studio workshop in Winnipeg.