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Wool heals: sleeping deeper and longer

Dear Shepherdesses (and Shepherds) of Slumber,

Thank you for my samples! I have been so tempted to unstitch a little corner to see what was inside my mattresses and comforter. I am curious as a cat! Now I know! What beautiful wool you place inside your products!

Throughout my life (I am 48 years old) I have purchased several mattresses and box springs over the years, some very, very expensive, all supposed to be the latest in technology. Who knew that I would get my best sleep on a more natural material and with a slatted frame bed?! You guys knew, and I thank you for your wonderful, quality products. Not since childhood have I slept as soundly and peacefully as I do in your wool surround, and on the slatted bed frame. I don’t wake up with any aches in my body, I fall asleep quickly and sleep until the alarm sounds. Thank you again for providing such quality products, and customer service that goes beyond the call of duty. God bless you all!


Good morning Eliana,
I am really in love with my new bedding it feels so nice to slip into bed at the end of a busy day. The feeling of wool all around me at night makes me smile. We feel warm and safe and I must say I sleep better . The whole family is enjoying our new wool bedding. Thank you Eliana, and of course Larry.


Hi Eliana!

You folks are the greatest! I sorely wish I’d discovered the soothing qualities of wool YEARS ago, but ain’t it grand to have found it now. No more rotten nights’ sleep for me!

Love the artwork on the mailing box too; personal touches are really a fabulous plus to an already super product.

Will be in touch again!!
Park Service Susan


I received my mattress and absolutely love it. I thought it was going to be too hard for me without a snuggle mate, but I am sleeping like a rock all through the night – it’s great! I love the hand crafted integrity of the product, it’s beautiful! Thank you for making this financially possible for me and for providing a healthy alternative to the other mattresses out there. This is definitely the way to go and I hope that you guys get lots
of work. Thank you once again to you and your family.

Atlanta, GA

Dear Eliana,

It isn’t often that I am compelled to write a letter with regard to an item I’ve purchased. But, this time is a little different. As vice president of a high definition production company, with production facilities and high definition mobile trucks, I am used to leading edge technologies and products with uncompromising quality. At the end of the day, which lasts from ten to twenty hours, I like to leave the “hi-tech” world behind and return to a simpler state.

About two months ago I moved into a new place and was too tired to set up my old bed (SOMA Calif. king). I slept on an old futon for the first couple of days and noticed that I slept soundly on the old mat (I suffer from insomnia most nights). Being an inquisitive type I went to the web and started researching bedding. What an education to say the least. That is when I found your company and your unique line of wool products. I was hesitant at first to purchase bedding without actually seeing it especially since it was “hand made”. Hand made means many things to many people. You either think “Rolls Royce” or nice try.

After speaking to you and your staff I felt comfortable enough to make a small purchase. About a week later “my” Snuggle Mate arrived. The quality and attention to detail was amazing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After placing the Snuggle Mate on my bed (read: fits like a glove) I laid back and couldn’t believe it. I have never felt such comfort. I slept like a baby that first night and every night since. Thank you for taking the time and care to produce such an unbelievable product. Please thank everyone at Shepherd’s Dream for developing and producing the premier sleeping system available anywhere in the world. Got to go for now. Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,


I am so excited about my new mattress topper! …For years, I’ve been waking up several times a night, often having trouble getting back to sleep, and have just chalked it off to age or hormones or whatever…. Now if I do wake up, there is no trouble getting right back to sleep. As a matter of fact, now when I crawl in to watch TV at bedtime, I can feel myself being drawn into sleep, where before it took a good while to feel really relaxed and drowsy.

Hi Chet,

I’ve been,sleeping on my wool surround sleep system for about 3 weeks. Immediately I was able to achieve a more restful sleep. I never wake up at 2 AM anymore! I have always slept the whole night through since sleeping on Shepherd’s Dream. The neck pillows are fantastic! No more neck aches for me, and no more clammy nights in the synthetic comforter I used to have.

An unexpected bonus is that my 10-year-old daughter, who shares my queen bed with me, no longer slugs me in the face or stomach because this sleep system has eliminated her bouts of tossing and turning and has given her a more peaceful sleep.

Thank you for having this information in your H&B Weekly letters, and thank you Eliana and Sara for making it possible.

And Chet, thanks for the wealth of information you provide in one site ( I have learned so much from your site and continue my health journey with your help.


Hi Eliana!

Just have to write expressing our sincere thanks for the Shepherd’s Dream unit !!!!!!!

We’re in our eighties and NEVER had such a total sleep experience except when our son, Eugene, let us sleep in his bed last month!!!

We are “cotton freaks”, using cotton for sheets and underwear … but that never influenced our sleep cycles.

Wishing you continued success in this Mission of yours and speeding this wish to heaven with prayer! Adios,


Hello again!

Must say that sleeping on the Sheherd’s Dream is a continuing experience of total” zonk”! Not only that — if either of us wakes up in the wee hours, we simply turn over and “we’re gone again”!!!

The “total rest” is another spin off, by the way.

Had a long drawn out root canal experience yesterday afternoon; but my sleep experience was undisturbed. Now THAT’S a plus after all the medication etc.

Looking forward to your health notes on email, ok?

Love yu,

Pismo Beach, CA

My good friend Stefan Boyland recently bought your bedding for his home in Escondido, California, and I have been lucky enough to spend several weeks sleeping on your beds.

I’ve slept on lots of different mattresses including an expensive Temperpedic mattress which I sold last spring. Let me just say that…

I have NEVER slept better on any other bedding. Period.

Thanks so much for a beautiful product,
You make my dreams shine,

My husband and I just received the wonderful wool surround system for our king size bed. We are loving every minute of sleeping in such luxurious comfort each night. We are highly impressed by how much better we truly do feel each morning.

We are so excited that we have been discussing what to do for our camper and for the times we camp out. So, we were wondering a little more about the travel mate.

Thanks very much for your response to our questions. And thank you so much for making such a tremendous product. We are both truly thrilled! 🙂



Dear Sarah,

The wool mattress, snuggle mates, etc. arrived yesterday and we love them. I’m not going to say that our babies slept 14 hours straight–maybe they will eventually–but my husband and I certainly woke up feeling better than we have in a long time. None of my joints ached after sleeping on the snuggle mate. So, even if the kids are still waking up in the night, we think they are sleeping more comfortably. I’ll call soon with an order for our 9 month old’s bed. Thank you for all your help. We all enjoyed seeing the artwork on the boxes. What a nice touch.

Yours truly,

P.S.: We had friends staying over last night since there is a major fire in our area and their house is being threatened–we were grateful that we had extra bedding available for everyone. Your quick shipment helped with that!

Received your products and loved your boxes so much I couldn’t throw them away.

The set sure came at a great time. We had been working in our yard Monday and Tuesday doing some heavy duty manual labor and were so tired and sore and when I put the set on the bed Wednesday night I could hardly wait to crawl in. We were so sore we got in our hot tub to just soak our sore muscles but I slept like a baby Wednesday night, the best sleep I’ve had in months. Last night was a repeat. I even dreamed both nights and I never dream or at least don’t recall any dreams for years; probably not since I went through chemo and radiation six years ago.

I usually sleep from 11 p.m. until 1:30 or 2 a.m. and before I can fall asleep again, it’s already morning, and time to get up again. But for the past week, since sleeping in the wool surround, I’ve climbed into bed and I’m out like a light, wake up around 3 a.m., so off to the restroom and then I’m out again like a light bulb. I’m using the neck roll now with no problems.

My granddaughter who is 13 and lives with us is already asking her Papaw for one for her bed.

Thanks for your response to my needs.

Aches and back pain relief…

He mentions how much he loves it EVERY MORNING! He keeps telling me “That was the best gift you’ve given me in a long time. I sleep so soundly now!” We LOVE it! By the way, I do notice my back does not hurt any more in the mornings!


I LOVE my little bed!!! It’s everything you said it’d be!!

You really have such a wonderful product!! I am passing it along to everyone I know. Folks just don’t know what their missing not trying a wool mattress; what a DIFFERENCE!! My poor aching “tennis elbow” LOVES the warmth & actually feels better now!!

A very pleased customer!!! Park Service Susan!

A customer and friend of Janet’s from British Columbia, who lives with fibromyalgia, emailed in the summer after receiving a mattress and wool surround to say…

Just thought you’d like to know that last night I forgot to take what I usually take (prescription medication and minerals, advil and melatonin) to help me sleep. I slept through from 12 to 6 am. Woke up feeling somewhat in pain but not much more than usual. That I got to sleep at all is amazing. Thanks again. The “healing energy” is getting through. Thanks be to God.

Months later, she added the following:

The bed is still working it’s wonders. Hardly a night goes by when I don’t exclaim as I fall into bed. OHHH I like our bed! :))). I can’t say that I don’t take my melatonin any more because that would not be true. I still take vitamins and the Melatonin is helpful to ensure a proper sleep cycle which is what they feel could be part of the problem with people who have Fibromyalgia.

However I do not have to take any Rx at the moment. and take much less Advil. One other thing. I used to have trouble with cold feet in bed and do not now. For the first time in many years, I am comfortable warm all over in bed, no cold spots when I roll over etc. When my work takes me on the road, I take that little extra pad you sent for me and my pillow and neck roll. It is about all I can fit in my suitcase but helps.

Grace, Comox BC, Canada

I have arthritis in my fingers and all that warmth is comforting. No stiffness in the morning. Only when I overdo the use of my hands, do I have problems now. I wasn’t able to make a fist with my right hand before. Now I can.

Hi, I’ve had the Wool Surround set for about a month now, and knew I should tell you the amazing results. I WAS a recovering fibromyalgia person, I HAD sleep problems, HAD just been to the clinic where recommendation WAS “it looks like you now have sleep apnea, and need to go to a sleep clinic for further diagnosis.”

Well, we prayed and the answer included all natural things including “Shepherds Dream”.

First night on woolies, I slept great. No more two, or three, hour wake ups in the middle of the night, and can’t go back to sleep. I sleep all the way through. Never again, sleep apnea symptoms. Seldom even a moments snore. No more night sweats (which were a nightly thing) ~ no more waking up in a wet nightgown.

Sleep is great, and I wake up pain free. I’m so amazed and pleased that I could enthusiastically do commercials for the Wool Surround. Someday we will be going the full depth mattress, but for now I’m just happy to crawl inside my “woolies” each night and sleep like a baby.

Thank you so much Eliana & your daughter. Bless you.

Teresa of WA

Pls send me the sample of the wool that you are offering. I have very tender feet and feel that if I could just surround my toes in an “envelope” of wool batting, they would be protected and safe. I will try that with my sample and let you know if there is any difference. Maybe we will be on to a new application for this product.

My husband and I love our new snuggle mate – we were both waking up every morning w/sore shoulders and arms from sleeping on our side. From the first nite on the wool, no more soreness. And the thought of cozying into that comfy bed at nite is so enticing. We already have the wool pillows and use flannel sheets and a wool blanket. So we are in a “wool surround” environment, too.

Also, pls send me the jpgs. Best of luck to your new Canadian company – best of sucess to the whole team!

Many blessings to you all.


PS – we love the decorated boxes!!

In my 72 years I’ve lived in five countries and traveled to some 30 additional countries, mostly because of service as a clergyman and humanitarian aid worker. I’ve slept on just about every kind of mattress imaginable–mattresses of straw, of hay, of cotton, of foam, of hair and who knows what else. And I’ve slept on the best–the ultimate in mattresses, consisting of coiled springs expertly padded and resting on a box spring. That’s what I was sleeping on until a few months ago. It felt comfortable enough, but I got up from that mattress every morning, and I mean, every morning, with a backache that tended to linger throughout much of the following day.

Then, after hearing all kinds of good reports about it, but remaining mildly skeptical, we finally got the Shepherd’s Dream wool mattress. I actually went to bed on it the first night with a nasty backache. Now here’s what I still have trouble grasping–I woke up the next morning completely free of back pain. It seemed too good to be true, but it just keeps happening morning after morning.

Now we’ve got not only the wool mattress, but the mattress snuggle mate, the wool-filled comforter, the sleep pillow and the neck rolls. And, get this, we tend to go to bed earlier all the time, in large part just to enjoy the pleasure and “healing comfort” of Shepherd’s Dream.”

Hugo Jantz
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our children need it …our 8 month old baby boy slept for 14 hours straight yesterday, after we surrounded him in our new wool comforter from Shepherd’s Dream for the first time. Until now, he was waking up every couple of hours. This was the first time he slept through without waking up!

Dear Eliana & company,
I thought I’d give you an update on the crib mattress I purchased last fall.

It arrived the same day my husband finished building my son Jacob’s crib. Thank you for custom sizing it for us, it fit perfectly. When I unpacked it, my 7 month old son crawled over to the mattress, put his cheek down and didn’t move for about half an hour. I checked it out too, and told my husband when he came home from work how comfortable it was. He gave me a what-ever-you-say-dear look and went on with his routine. About two hours later I was playing with Jacob when I heard my husband exclaim ‘hey, this really is comfortable!’ I turned to see my husband lying comfortably in Jacob’s crib. Since then Jacob has been sleeping much more soundly.

If I had known the key to getting my baby to sleep through the night was a wool mattress, I would have ordered one long ago. The pillow and neck roll I ordered for myself have helped greatly with my back problems. Jacob also enjoyed playing with your lovely hand decorated box.

We are currently in a transitional period in our lives as far as housing, but as soon as we find a place for ourselves, a mattress for my husband and I will be our first major purchase. Keep up the good work!

Kasigluk, Alaska

Hi Tim and Janet,

Well, we ourselves haven’t tried out the crib mattress! But we know that it will be perfect. We really like our own queen size mattress and it really makes a difference in a good sleep! I am certain that our baby will like the mattress! This wool mattress is so much more appealing than those other crib mattresses found in the stores that are the plastic, spring, and foam types. A baby is so new, and spends so much time sleeping, so we think it makes good sense to use natural bedding that is pure, clean, soft, breathable, and beautiful.

The mattress is just the right size and fits in nice and snug around the edge of the crib. My husband made this crib out of maple with some walnut trim on the top and coated everything with a beeswax polish! It certainly smells nice too. We are very excited and soon in December the baby will be able to try it all out! Thank you for such great work and a superior product.

Kimberly – Ontario

Shepherd’s Dream Goes to Japan

Hi janet… I just have to say i love love love love my new’s a dream…can’t spend enough time in it… order arrived 2 days ago….Ii think Ii have the best bed in all of japan…maybe even the pacific rim! thank you so much. Iit’s just beautiful and so cozy!

Zzzzz Hi janet…it doesn’t spend too much time below zero around here. Without central heating though (as is the Japanese norm) I often wake up to an apartment that is around 8 degrees c…and Ii can sometimes see my breath too…so yes, I am incredibly cozy in my wool bed…you should have a temperature rating (like on sleeping bags) on the bedding for people who live in places like me …. Ii like to view it like Ii’m camping..from that point of view it’s such a luxury to just have walls!


Our animal friends love wool…

Dear Eliana,
I guess a couple of months have passed by since I purchased a wool topper and pillow from you. I had every intention of writing you immediately to let you know how much we love it, but the time kept slipping away from me. Sorry about that. I knew I was in love with the topper as soon as I unrolled it onto our guest bed. I kept stroking the soft cotton and “ooohing and aaahhing”. Then when I lay down on it—oh my goodness! I was doing “snow angels”—it felt so good! My sweet little kitty friend jumped on it with me and he looked as ecstatic as I felt. He sank into it, then rolled around as he purred contentedly, and finally curled up for a nap. I was napping right along side of him. Looking at, and sleeping on, the topper just puts a smile on my face. Thank you so much for the wonderful, quality product you have created. I am sure that my husband, myself, my kitties, and our family and friends will be enjoying it for a very long time.

In appreciation,
DeLand, FL

Eliana, I and my dogs use our wool comforters all year long. They really do equalize the temperature for sleeping.
Thanks, Jane Daemar


Well let me tell you we are having the best sleeping that we have had in years. My husband doesn’t snore like he use to and we sleep right through the night. Wake up feeling great. What a wonderful sleeping experience!

Electromagnetic energy…

What a wonderous experience! Only a few times in my life have I ever immediately felt such a feeling from touching something. Just to touch your wool products is a joy. Totally amazing and unexpected.

Company service and philosophy…

It is such a pleasure to contact a business and be treated like a friend. I believe that as my husband and I make our mattress decision, that it will be from your company.

Teresa, Washington State

Dear Eliana,

My wife and I recently purchased your wool surround. For us it was a major expenditure considering what we had spent on bedding in the past. We did it because we are more and more concerned with living in a “green” environment. We wanted to eliminate from our home those things which are toxic. We had no idea that when we went to bed we were takiing in toxins from certain types of sheets and bedding materials.

You took a great deal of time to explain the care with which your products are made and the philosophy behind your company. It became obvious to us that we were dealing with a company of the highest integrity, both in tems of the quality of the product and the people. You made it a priority to make sure we were happy with the company and its products.

We are very grateful that we found you and your wool surround. We will always be customers and will recommend you highly to all our friends.

With sincere thanks

Marcel and Sultana
New Jersey

you guys are so wonderful! i love coming up here to my sons computer and seeing that i have mail. i called you all this past week, to order a neck roll, and two 23 oz. st. pillows. and i have a queen snuggle mate also coming.. we cant wait to get it all. i said dont hurry, but i am so excited, we cant wait!! you are a delight to do business with. and i LOVE your box that you ship in. i am just going to spred my orders out so i can get lots of your boxes!we look forward to our order. and god bless you all, merry christmas.


Dear Chet,

As I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing the nice letters you get regarding Eliana & Sarah Jantz’ “Shepherd’s Dream” natural bedding, I couldn’t resist writing as well to let you & others know about my own wonderful experience with the Shepherd’s DreamTeam! Last year, from here where I live in New Zealand, I contacted Eliana and Sarah, with hopes that they could make me a mattress filled only with 100% organic wool, and covered with a casing made from 100% organic cotton. The reason I wanted only wool filling and not any cotton filling inside the mattress is because of how compressed cotton batting can become moldy in subtropical/tropical environments (like where I live at the water’s edge down here!).

As they had never before made a 100% organic wool-filled mattress, they were quite excited at the prospect. We began a very lovely series of back-and-forth discussions, blending together their vast knowledge & many years of experience making natural bedding together with my hopes for the exact sort of bed I’d like to have. Soon afterward, the new creation was birthed, and I was blessed with the most amazing mattress, mattress pad, comforter and pillows I’ve ever slept upon!

Certainly, what the Shepherd’s DreamTeam does is for the BEDDERment of all!! In this hard-driving world, I feel that one of the most important things any of us can do is to upgrade our “soft”-ware, so that we never suffer from “sheep” deprivation ever again! And with my new Shepherd’s Dream “soft”-ware, I feel bedder & bedder each day!!

Through this bed creation time with Eliana, it was wonderful to learn how she has been so dedicated to bringing about a “PureGrow” certification standard for wool & humanely-raised sheep. How nice that these lovely animals can live their lives without ending up on someone’s dinner plate as “Rack Of Lamb” — which is certainly a far cry
from my own “Lack Of Ram” raw vegan lifestyle!!

By the way, since I live in New Zealand most of the time, and I greatly enjoy coming up with anagrams, I rearranged all the letters of “Eliana Sarah Jantz Shepherds Dream PureGrow” to came up with:

“Major earth-wrapped Sea Angels!! Hurrah NZ side!”

Lastly, I have to say that placing an order with Shepherd’s Dream was the first experience in my life dealing with a company where I truly enjoyed having the wool pulled over my eyes!

Finding Eliana & Sarah and Shepherd’s Dream was, for me, a “jantz” of a lifetime that I surely will never regret! Where there’s a wool, there’s a way.

Fleece on earth . . . good wool to all,

New Zealand

Honestly, my bed is more nurturing than a litter of purring kittens. I slept sooo well last night. Thanks to all at Shepherd’s Dream, you were all so sweet and patient and kind to me.

I’m in school down here in Santa Fe at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, I’m going to invite all of my classmates to come sleep over. I will sing your praises far and wide for they are sincere and from my heart.

I not only love my bed but I love all of you too 🙂


Hi Eliana and Sarah!

Just wanted to say (again!) how very much I am enjoying my entire wool bedding system! It is truly the most comfy, nuturing feeling to crawl into my new “nest” each evening – I am so cozy and warm! I really believe that I am sleeping a deeper, more restful sleep now that I have my lovely wool futon mattress and wool surround. Also, my five year old now doesn’t want
to sleep in his own bed anymore; he wants to be in Mommy and Daddy’s “fluffy bed,” as he calls it!

As a result, I want to talk to you about ordering two more complete wool bedding systems for my two boys ( age 5 and age 3) – I feel that they must have this wonderful, natural sleep experience as well.

I also want to thank you for your help through my entire ordering process, from the time I placed the order to your assistance in choosing the right bedframe, as well as recommendations on natural and organic sheets. We are working toward creating a natural, non-toxic home for our family, and the personal, caring service I received from both of you, as well as the fact that you make an extremely high quality product crafted with love and good conscience for the environment is what brings me back as a customer again.

I have told all of my friends (and, of course, my mom has already ordered from you!) about your family business, and have encouraged them to contact you. Again, my sincere thanks to you both!

Wishing you continued success and love,



Hello, I’m emailing you to have you include me on your mailing list. I just discovered your products last weekend when I borrowed my girlfriends pillow & neck roll. Wow! For years I have been searching for a pillow that doesn’t make my neck hurt when I awake. I’ve tried down, synthetic, foam, those weird ones from late night tv commercials and have not had much luck. Down pillows work ok when they’re new, but they shortly get too flat.

I was complaining about this to my girlfriend and she told me to try her shepherd’s dream pillow & neckroll. After the first night I knew I had found the pillow of my dreams! No more hurting neck and I love the feel of the wool. Now it’s a battle for who gets the shepherd’s dream team every night! So, you will be receiving an order from me very soon for my own set. Now, if I can convince her to split the cost of your ‘woolie’…..

Thanks again for your incredibly wonderful products.
Roy of
Santa Cruz

Eliana, just got back from vacation. Ten days without my wool surround! You can’t imagine how good my body felt to be back in my own bed. I did take my neck pillow and regular pillow with me so it wasn’t entirely unbearable.

Wanted to let you know about my new neck pillow experience. I was driving from Georgia to New York (Canadian Border) which is about 1200 miles. I get really tired driving for long hours. No matter what kind of car I have had the headrest is never restful or relaxing. However, this trip I decided to use my neck pillow with my headrest. It made a tremendous difference to my comfort, relaxation and I was even able to drive longer. I think I’ll permanently affix it to my headrest.

Thought I’d update you on a new way to use the neck pillow. Also, I wouldn’t think of sleeping without it!

Suzanne L. Ash, CPS

Perfect Micro-climate -temperature/humidity

Dear All at Shepherd’s Dream,

Having spent two nights under my new wool comforter, both my husband and myself are convinced the statements you make regarding your products are true. We have slept better, more peacefully, and awake feeling rested in a way I haven’t felt in years. Additionally, being peri-menopausal, those night sweats were unbearable under down which got damp and matted. The wool DOES wick away the moisture enabling me to continue sleeping comfortably.

Also, we are so pleased to purchase from a company with such appropriate ideals for the business, customers and the planet.

Am referring you to friends…

Denise and Robin
Palo Alto, CA

Hi, Eliana,

Thanks for your note. Two nights may not be a lot to go on, but so far my husband and I give the SnuggleMate and pillows _rave_ reviews! I think I know how it feels to lie on a cloud. Even my normally cold feet are able to warm quickly now. What a blessing.

I also enjoyed looking at the stitching and the tying. I’ve been a
seamstress for years, done a little quilting, some crafting, so I
couldn’t help but check it out. Very impressive workmanship! Especially since I try hard to avoid hand work .

Thank you, One and All, for your support and service.

Best regards,

Just wanted to say thanks for the wool comforter we recently received from you.

We have decided it’s like sleeping under a cloud.

We sleep in a cool room with lots of fresh air during these winter months (to avoid being baked in indoor heat). The comforter feels as if it is doing nothing, it is so light and comfy. We think it is magic. You get under it and you say, “This won’t work, it feels like nothing.” Seconds later you are snug and warm, but never too warm.

Thank you for your beguiling web site, the telephone charm and helpfulness of your Sarah, and the loving detail of the comforter you created.
You are the best!!!


I just received my order from you yesterday. I can’t believe how wonderful my bed feels now!

I like to be toasty in the winter and have at least four layers of blankets as well as my comforter and was concerned about only having your one wool comforter (with duvet) with a sheet. It was amazing how light the comforter is and all night my body was at a comfortable temperature. Usually, I’ll put all the covers on, then take some off and this goes on all night. With the wool comforter, I had it on all night and felt warm and snuggly.

Needless to say I feel like Sleeping Beauty in my new bed!

We also enjoyed the pillows and neck rolls.

By the way, I loved the hand decorations on my shipping boxes! It has been a real delight to do business with you and to talk with your daughter also – she is delightful.


Eliana, I continue to love my wool surround! It’s getting quite hot here in Atlanta – 80 degrees plus. But you would never know it sleeping in the wool surround with the windows open.

Suzanne Ash

Hi Eliana

Things are well with me and I am enjoying the change of seasons. Mostly I am writing my next book, which I know you will love. And have been working in my organic garden, planting vegetables and flowers.

I sleep under my wool comforter, on my wool mattress, with window open and on flannel sheets every night of the year. As you said, I only need to remove the comforter on the hottest nights, and even then, I still sleep on my flannel sheets because they are cooler because they are more absorbant.

Nice to get these little newsletters from you. Trust all is well with you.

Debra Redalia-Dadd 🙂

Thank-you Therese,

My wife and I just got our complete wool surround yesterday and we just woke up from our first blissful nights sleep. It’s hard to describe the difference as we’ve gotten way too familiar with the yuck empty plastic buzz of our synthetic surroundings that something with such a natural vibration feels so so gorgeously different. We all deserve this kind of comfort and treat. I can’t think of a better way to cozy back up to the natural world, I love the smell and the feel of the wool and simplicity, beauty and quality of the organic cotton covers is wonderfully apparent.

We’ll do our best to spread the word on you guys and thank you so very very much. You’ve been incredibly helpful and throrough from the first time I called through yesterday’s delivery which makes me feel even better about our purchase. My wife is actually describing the wool surround on the phone to a friend as I write and saying she finally woke up warm, clean, clear and dry for the first time in forever. The dry part says a lot as we’re down here in swampy Sarasota, Florida. Also, the neck rolls couldn’t be a more perfect addition. Thanks again and take care, sweet dreams all!

Jon and Jen

Adjusting to the firmness of the wool mattress – without metal springs

Hello, Eliana! I just wanted you to know that my husband and I are quickly falling in love with our wool! We’re ALWAYS cold and usually sleep under a mountain of blankets. Now we just have our flannel sheets and the comforter and have never been warmer. We’re even keeping the window open at night!

The wool mattress was a little bit of an adjustment for us. We missed the bounce of the old bedding at first. However, we’re sleeping great. Also, the sandbox was quite easy to assemble and everything fit perfectly.

Thanks for all of your help. You’ll be hearing from us again!


Wanted to let you know, you all have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. You always answer my questions so thoroughly, with more information that I ever expected. It is a pleasure to finally be able to do business with you and “try out” your products.

Yes, the wool-filled bedding is quite amazing. It really is something someone has to experience for themselves to understand. It’s just so comforting and cozy. Our only adjustment was getting used to the lack of bounce when we got the wool mattress. When we went to my parents’ house for Easter, I was wondering if I’d realize that I missed the springs of the American mattress. But every night I just laid there and thought — nope, I like my bed better! I will probably order a second snugglemate next year to give the bed a little more padding.


Hello Shepherd’s Dream,
Thank you for making such a fine, quality product. I have been sleeping on the wool mattress and wool surround for three months now and I love it! I also purchased the slatted wood frame bed around the same time. The wool surround was immediately comfortable and so soothing to sleep in.

The slatted wood frame bed is so different from a mattress and box springs that at first I was skeptical. However, from the first night I rested comfortably and woke up refreshed without the usual aches and stiffness. I have always enjoyed a firm mattress but this bed with the wool surround is the best sleep I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much for your fine products. May God richly bless you and your work.


Great idea to offer credits. I will sign up soon. Here’s another thought–a bridal and baby registry so friends and family can contribute toward the beds–it’s far more useful than china! I love the wool beds I bought for my family. I started, as an experiment, with a bed for my husband and me. I was very nervous, since I had only imagined how it would feel from your literature. My husband was a skeptic until the first night of unbelievable comfort.

My five year old son said, “Mommy, your bed feels so good, it makes me forget my blankie!” That’s when I started saving to order beds for my children. Bedtime has become such a cozy pleasure that I want to get in bed early so I have time to enjoy it while I’m still awake. Now, I tell everyone about your products. I can’t stop talking about how wonderful they (and ewe) are. Thank you.


Howdy…………..we FINALLY got out of bed at noon! Couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eb kept saying, “Good Choice, Good Choice”……….he is in love with the new bed too!

And he really likes the pillows………especially the 23”!



Comforter – oh so comforting!

I ordered the queen size comforter a couple of years ago and love it, love it, love it. I am considering ordering some other items and want to keep abreast of what is available.

Thanks so much,


Thank you for your follow up message. I received the package in good shape. The products look beautiful and well constructed. You should be proud of your work. I am enjoying the cushy feel. The Snuggle mate certainly makes a bed warmer, too. I have not left my bed for three days. When I get up I will tell others about your wonderful stuff.

I wish you good health and great success.

Easy breathing

Thank you for my wonderful new wool pillows! After I convinced myself that I would HAVE to open the shipping box (thereby ruining the charming hand-drawn scene wishing me “Sweet Dreams”), I enjoyed the best night’s sleep. I have ALWAYS suffered from stuffed up sinuses and breathing problems the minute I lay my head on my pillow at night. But last night was different…. I could lay on either side I wanted and breathed as freely as I do during the day. Whew! Great relief. Thank you for a fantastic product.

P.S. the eco-domestic wool was worth the wait. Thanks again.

Four notes from Dorothy MoDowell

Hi, I received the wool surround on Monday. It is very nice- The workmanship is superb, right down to the pretty labels on each item. I do believe it is already helping my condition- I do not wake up with a backache- The pillow and neck roll are wonderful. We had artic air all week- so it has been an enjoyable experience to climb into bed, knowing how comfortable and warm it is. I am anxiously awaiting the mattress.


Hi, I received my mattress today and am waiting for the sun to go down so I can try it out. It is beautiful- and smells good too!

Dorothy McDowell

My friend who owns a health food store in Guthrie came over tonight to see the wool bed. She said it is BEAUTIFUL> She is very much into “natural” and may contact you. She loves the whole set, but may get the surround. Anyone who believes in getting back to basics recognizes immediately the value of the wool, and also recognizes the harmful effects of the synthetics.


Hi, I will share with you my 1st impression, on receiving the mattress- and my impressions as the night wore on. I am sharing this only because it actually is an experience that changes thinking patterns and becomes a way of life- a better way of life. I find it fasinating and I sense that you understand what I am saying. As you know, I LOVED the surround. (Of course you understand I was on top of a pillow top mattress- how much softer can you get!) So, when I put my new wool mattress on the slatted frame, and jumped in bed- well, the lack of “bounce” shocked me, especially after 60 years of habit.

As the night wore on, I noticed that although it seemed very firm to me, the irony was it was more comfortable than my pillow top. There was no pressure on my back- the pillow top was actually uncomfortable- I think it allowed my spine to go any way it wanted, which was not always the best way for me (and I paid the price by morning). To make the story short, I usually arise at 6am, but slept on ’till 7:15- very comfortably. I had no morning backache- I feel I will come to really love the firmness- it is a different experience. In fact, for the heck of it, I tried out my pillow-top today- I can only say it’s like eating junk food after a diet of healthy, natural food. I could sense the un-naturalness of the mattress. I appreciate how healthy this wool is- Now I am looking around my home to see what else I can change-


Hi, I am thoroughly enjoy my wool bedding- One night I had a severe sciatic inflammation- by morning, instead of being worse, I was almost better- I know it was due to the wool. My friend at the health food store says my complexion has improved- she thinks it is because of the wool. I love it. … I am considering a summer weight comforter- (although we have already seen nights with the low of 72 degrees- pretty warm- and my regular weight was fine)- but I’m thinking as the summer temps drag on- a summer weight may be more appropriate. What do you think? I’m thinking- a single bed size may be big enough to just lay on top of a full size bed- to just throw over as a light cover at night- also, less bulk for travel.


Environmental Sensitivities and Allergies

Dear Sarah, I received my Snuggle Mate a few days ago, and I am thrilled! The shipping box was adorable…as were all of your loving, personal touches! But the best news is that I have no “adverse smells” whatsoever from your product!! I am so blessed that there is a business like yours that can accommodate and bring comfort to environmentally sensitive individuals! Thanks also for the samples of the wool and cotton materials!

I do appreciate ALL of your help. I won’t hesitate to order from you again as needs arise. I have filed all the information that you sent, and will definitely call if I have any questions. In the meantime, may your business continue to prosper…without interference from our government!