Baby Bedding

Nurturing your baby with a healthy and comforting bed.
We are offering the most essential items for baby.

baby bedding

We make all baby bedding assuming standard crib dimensions of 28” by 52”. If your crib measurements don’t agree with the standard size, provide us with accurate ‘inside’ measurements for your crib frame, both in length and width. Keep in mind that hand-made bedding will vary slightly!

All Wool Crib Mattress– 28” by 52” – 4 inches thick – $665.00

This mattress is recommended for healthy babies ranging in age from about 6 to 8 weeks to 2 or 3 years of age. At this age babies are able to safely lift and turn their heads.

This mattress is filled with pure, clean wool batting and encased in a natural wool textile. The mattress will last for many years of use and can be passed down to all the babies in the family.

Protect your crib mattress with a mattress protector and organic sheets. If soiled, the mattress can be cleaned with water and mild soap, but be sure that it is completely dry before using again! We also recommend taking the mattress into direct sun for ‘revitalization’ at least once a year.

(The newborn baby (0 to 6 weeks) should sleep on a ‘non-give’ surface, such as solid wood with a felted wool pad or two. Contact Shepherd’s Dream for a consultation and custom order).

Crib Mattress Protector – 30” by 53” – Keep your all wool crib mattress safe with a washable woolen mattress protector. – $110.00

Wool filled Baby Comforter – 36’ by 42” – This will become baby’s closest companion (except for mama of course) – and should be protected with a comforter cover – $115.00

Baby Comforter Cover – 36” by 42”- ivory – Made with creamy soft organic cotton sateen using button closures. Use to protect baby comforter – $85.00

Crib Fitted Sheet – 28” by 52” – organic cotton percale for standard size crib mattress – $45.00

Puddle Pad
puddle pad
20” by 30” – Washable woolen blanket pad to protect the underlying mattress. – $55.00

We make other custom baby items (bassinette felts, custom sized crib items) please call our office for a consultation or price estimates.