Custom Box Insert

Custom Box Insert
This product is designed to replace the typical box spring. It is placed into the metal or wooden rails of your existing bed frame. These wood frame inserts are custom made to fit your existing frame. You will provide us with the inside measurements of the side rails and length of your frame. Please also indicate the rise and seat of the (metal or wood) side rails of your existing frame and the desired height of the wood frame insert.

Please indicate if there is anything that would impede a simple box from sliding into your frame. We will allow a quarter of an inch ‘wiggle’ room, so therefore it is important that your measurements be accurate within an eight of an inch. (we need 5 measurements – 3 for the width – top, bottom and center, and 2 for the length – one on each side).

These inserts can be made with the wood of your choice. They are finished with a ‘non-toxic when dry’ oil finish, or you can finish yourself. Everything is pre-drilled and ready for easy assembly.

Prices will vary with customized details:
For availability and prices of the box insert, contact us by phone: 866-552-0167 or email