Latex Padded Slats

Latex Pads
Latex cushioned slats under the wool bed provides more give:

For some of you folks, who are looking for a little more give than the wool mattress on slats provides, we have found a great solution! Latex cushioned slats!! The latex is cut to fit the individual slats, allowing complete airflow to circulate to the mattress, as before. The latex can be ordered in strips ready to glue onto your existing slats, or you can order the Shepherd’s Dream frame with latex cushioned slats already attached. They are available in any standard bed width by 2 inches thick and 2 and a half inches wide.

The effect of the 2 inch latex is a gentle ‘lift’, taking pressure off of the hips and shoulders. The latex is guaranteed to hold its resilience for 25 years.


Latex strips (for gluing it yourself):

Latex Strips

Please note, our latex strips measure 2 inches thick by 2.5 inches wide by any length. If you are not using a Shepherd’s Dream frame, please confirm the width and length of your slats to make sure these will fit. It is a simple and enjoyable process, using nontoxic yellow carpenters glue. We recommend you do the job with a friendly helper.

If you plan to glue your own latex strips to your slats, you can order them a la carte at the prices shown below. Set Prices include the number of strips required for Shepherd’s Dream frame. You may buy any quantity of individual strips as needed to fit another frame.

SINGLE - @ $13.00 eachSet of 20 latex strips: $260.00
DOUBLE - @ $18.00 eachSet of 20 latex strips: $360.00
QUEEN - @ $23.00 eachSet of 21 latex strips: $483.00
California KING - @ $28 eachSet of 21 latex strips: $588.00
Eastern KING - @ $28 eachSet of 21 latex strips: $588.00

Instructions for gluing latex strips to slats

This task should be done by two people.

Buy List:

  • a small 3 inch paint roller
  • a paint tray
  • one to two quarts of Elmer’s yellow carpenter’s glue depending on bed size and application.
  • mat knife or razor blade


  1. Pour the glue into the tray.
  2. With the paint roller, apply the glue liberally to one slat at a time and the underside of one piece of latex at a time.
  3. Place the two glued surfaces together, and align ends of latex with slat ends.
  4. Apply small amount of hand pressure when in place, to entire top of the latex.
  5. Proceed to the next slat until all are glued.
  6. Let it set for 12 hours.
  7. After glue is dry, make a small incision with mat knife or razor blade between the latex and wood to clear the screw holes (there are 6 on the Shepherd’s Dream slats). This will allow you to connect the slats to the bed without having to penetrate through the latex.

That’s all there’s to it.

Please let us know how the bed feels now. We appreciate your feedback!