Mattress Mates

The concept of a layered bed is a basic design principle for creating a well maintained bed system. Historically and cross-culturally, the foundational mattress is usually more substantial in size and less apt to be ‘taken out’ to be sunned and aired. The mattress mate (topper) however, is easily cared for and less costly to replace. Regular sunning and airing keeps the mattress mate at its optimal resilience while protecting the underlying mattress. Our toppers can be placed on any mattress as a healthy, toxin-free layer that brings the benefits of sleeping with wool.
We make two versions:

Snuggle Mate

Snuggle Mate
The wool-filled Snuggle Mate is encased with a organic cotton twill and snugly tufted. It is approximately 3 inches of lofty thickness, which will settle with use. Place the Snuggle Mate on top of the All Wool Mattress or your existing mattress. Use flannel or untreated cotton sheets, to allow your resting body full access to the ‘wonders of wool’. Once you experience wool’s positive influence, you’ll wonder how you managed without it for so long.

Winter or summer, it warms you without overheating. Wool keeps you dry and comfortable, even if you tend to perspire. Wool-fill relaxes your heart rate and ushers you into deep and restful slumber.

SizeW x L (in inches)Wool Fill WeightPrice
Single39 X 768.5 lbs.$450.00
Double54 X 7612 lbs.$595.00
Queen60 X 8014 lbs.$690.00
California King72 X 8418.5 lbs.$875.00
Eastern King78 X 8018.5 lbs.$875.00

Travel Mate

Travel Mate
This version is more compact, has elastic corner straps, and can be easily rolled up and transported. Make any bed your natural sleep haven, whether for camping, in your RV, travel van or your hotel bed. You’ll never have to compromise again!

SizeW x L (in inches)Wool Fill WeightPrice
Single39 X 764.5 lbs.$350.00
Double54 X 766 lbs.$450.00
Queen60 X 807 lbs.$495.00
California King72 X 849 lbs.$610.00
Eastern King78 X 809 lbs.$610.00