Raw Materials

For the ‘do-it yourselfer’

raw materials

Eco Wool Batting:

The most beautiful batting we’ve ever seen or worked with. The raw wool comes from wondrous flocks of sheep grazing in the Pacific Northwest.

The Woolgatherer Carding Mill in Montague produces this wool of extraordinary quality and its production practises are guided by the EcoDomestic criteria (see our “Materials” page).

The batting is available in two weights (see below), 84″ or 88″ wide, any length.
Craft Wool: Leftovers from our mattress making, these Eco Wool pieces are great for stuffing toys and dolls, or making felted crafts. piece sizes vary.  $1.00/oz.

medicinal scarf

Introduce yourself to the miracle of Wool!

Make your own ‘medicinal scarves’ for yourself, your friends and family. Use as a wrap around ANY PART of you that is injured or in pain. Creates an ideal microclimate and induces a state of relaxation (scrumptiously soft against the skin). Experience the healing!

You can order as little as a quarter pound of EcoDomestic wool batting for $6.00

Comforter Batting:This thickness is an ideal “all seasons”comforter weight for most geographical locations, Recommend encased in a cotton encasement. Weight is approximately 1lb 12 oz. per running yard. $1.50/oz.Note: Size requirements for:
single comforter – 2 yds. (70 inches),
full/queen comforter– 2.5 yds. (90 inches),
king comforter – 2.9 yds. (104 inches ) – weight will vary slightly.

extra thick
Extra thick Batting: This thicker batting is ideal for felting your own felted mats. Felted mats have many uses, ie. felted sleeping mats, massage mats, chair mats, etc. It can also be used as fill in larger pillows, as well as encased pads or mattresses. Weight is approximately 3 lb 3 oz per running yard. $1.50/oz

wooltextileBlanket Wool Textile:
This thick and lusciously soft 100% woolen melton fabric is used as the encasement fabric for the Shepherd’s Dream all wool mattress. It is not bleached or dyed. It’s creamy color is the natural tone of the wool itself. It is slightly napped on one side, soft enough to want to feel it caressing your cheek.Shepherd’s Dream also makes it into mattress protectors. It can be machine washed and dried. It is woven at one of the last high capacity vertical woolen mills in North America.This fabric is simply beautiful and we are so grateful for it. Approximately 80 inch width. $90/yd.

Organic Cotton Sateen:The creamy color of this beautiful fabric represents the actual color the cotton ball grows.After ginning, the cotton is thoroughly washed. There is no bleaching or dying involved in this fabric. We have discovered from experience, that the unbleached and undyed versions of fabric, age much more gracefully, the whites tend to brighten rather than become dull, as the bleached version tends to do.It’s wonderful to see how far the organic cotton industry has come since our first buy of ginned organic cotton back in 1989. Thanks to all the industry pioneers. The Shepherd’s Dream Team give them our full support by using only certified organic cotton in our manufacturing process.  114 inch width fabric. $35 yd.

DIY Pillow case kits

Pre-cut, ready to sew, natural colour, organic cotton sateen fabric.

Standard – $10 single / $18 pair

King – $12 single / $20 pair


Instructions at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMoJWSmZI-U