Slatted Frames

The Shepherd's Dream Beauty (with optional headboard)

The Shepherd\’s Dream Beauty (with optional headboard)

This simple yet elegant frame was designed to fully complement the all wool mattress. Our skilled frame maker has a variety of woods species from which you can choose. Any glues used are nontoxic. The finish is non-toxic when dry – and uses a linseed-oil base. The option for “latex cushioned slats” is incorporated into its design and can be added at any time. The headboard is optional and can also be added at any time. This frame can be made to any height you specify. Call or email us for wood choices and prices for the Beauty.

The Shepherd's Dream Low Frame

The Shepherd\’s Dream Low Frame

Some folks really enjoy the feeling of sleeping closer to the floor, especially young families. This frame is lower than the Beauty, but still provides optimal air flow below the all wool mattress. All our frames are made with the utmost care and expert woodworking. The frame is available in a variety of wood species and is finished with a non-toxic (when dry) linseed-oil based finish. Floor to top of the slat rails measures 8 1/2 inches (or your preferred height). This means the overall height of the bed with the regular all wool mattress is about 13 inches. Contact us for prices and wood choices.