Our Warranty

We promise that any purchase you make from Shepherd’s Dream is a top quality product, offered at a fair price. We have made every effort to assure that you will enjoy your purchase for as long as you own it. We take great pride in our work and value our customers as well as our mutual commitment to supporting sustainable, healthy products and economics.

We guarantee that any item that we sell is free of material or craft defect.

If a product is found to be defective within 30 days from the day the items are shipped to the customer, Shepherd’s Dream will reimburse the customer for the entire cost of the goods as well as the cost of shipping. Validity of claims will be at the sole discretion of Shepherd’s Dream. A copy of the original sales receipt must accompany the item and Shepherd’s Dream must be notified prior to returning the goods. An example of valid warranty claim would include weak/damaged seams or flaws in the fabric that could reduce the longevity of the item. Improper use or care can invalidate this warranty. Click here for care instructions.


We can accept returns on un-used pillows, toppers, comforters, sheet and latex. There is 15% restocking charge on the return of any un-used item unless previous arrangements are made with our office. The Customer is also responsible for the cost of shipping back to us.

We never incorporate used materials in our bedding, thus we cannot accept returns on used merchandise. Federal law also prohibits the resale of used bedding.

Our Mattresses are not returnable. If you are concerned that the wool mattress may not work for you, order a sample set to test it out.

Here are some things to consider with the purchase of a hand-made natural fiber mattress:

  • All natural fiber bedding will compress with use. This natural compression will happen more evenly if one makes an effort to sleep on different parts of the bed as well as rotate the item for the first 3 to 6 months of use.
    When you initially open your new wool bedding, you may notice a scent/odor. This is the build-up of natural lanolin oils inside the packaging. The natural scent will quickly dissipate especially with a little sun and air. If you are concerned about sensitivities to odors, request a Sensitivity Kit.
  • Our mattresses are unique and require a frame with certain specifications. If you choose to purchase a frame from another company, be aware that it may not be the ideal frame for our mattress.
  • Handmade mattresses and bedding can vary slightly in dimensions. When we create the bedding item, it must be within 1” of the standard bed dimension. Often, our wool bedding items will loose some length and width during shipping due to tight packaging. Do not be alarmed, these items will quickly regain their length and width. As the items compress with us they often gain one or two inches in length and width.
  • Proper care is essential for the longevity and comfort of our bedding, particularly for the all-wool mattress. Care instructions are provided with all of our bedding and we urge anyone with questions about care to call us at any time. Improper care or use of your wool bedding may invalidate this warranty. Click here for care instructions.
  • Our mattress is generally paired with another, softer bedding layer. A Snuggle mate is usually necessary for most people to sleep comfortably. As a mattress ages and compresses, some customers choose to add an additional layer as well.
    We cannot except returns on used merchandise, custom orders, or any mattresses. If you believe that your item is defective, please contact our office. If we find that the item is defective, we will accept the return and pay all involved costs. Please ask questions and carefully consider your mattress purchase.

The above qualities are normal occurrences and in no way reflect a manufacturing defect or a compromise of our warranty. If you are concerned about any part of this policy, we welcome you to call our office to discuss your questions.