Wool-Filled Pillows

Wool-fill is the ideal natural stuffing for pillows. Soft yet supportive with natural resilience.

Standard Sleep Pillow (20″ x 25″)
Standard Sleep Pillow
We offer two levels of fill. The 23 oz pillow is fuller, while the 18 oz pillow is less full, more fitting to our sensitive cervical spines. Standard size.

Neck Roll – with washable cover – (15″ long by 4.5″ diameter)
Neck Pillow
Nurture your neck and support its natural curve with the versatile neck roll. Use them all around the house – while sitting in a relaxed pose, and ESPECIALLY while sleeping (place on top of your sleep pillow inside the curve of your neck). Compact and easy to carry, so you can take them anywhere – and you will!
Good neck support
Good neck support is very important for maintaining structural integrity of the cervical (neck) spine. This pillow is equally effective for back and side sleeping.

The Perfect Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow
Comes with washable organic cotton cover. This pillow is a very handy size for travel. Children love to call this pillow their own.

Chair Pillow
Chair Pillow
Comes with washable organic cotton cover. Pad your buns with wonderful wool. Great for sporting events … hockey rinks, etc.

Pillow StyleW x L (in inches)DescriptionPrice
Standard Sleep Pillow20 X 2523 oz.$80.00
Lighter Sleep Pillow20 X 2518 oz.$75.00
Neck Roll15" long X 4.5" diameterwith washable organic cotton cover$40.00
Travel Pillow15 X 19with washable organic cotton cover$70.00
Chair Pillow18 X 18with washable organic cotton cover$70.00